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Kathryn Vinson M.A., LMHC , CMHS        

contact: 206-380-9328

I received a Masters degree in Psychology from Antioch University Seattle, with dual focus in Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy.

My approach to treatment is strength based and grounded in holistic theory, the belief of treating "the whole person.”  I value exploring familial, biological, societal, and cultural influences and believe these aspects often guide how we view and relate to ourselves, others, and the world. Exploration of these influences also lends itself to identifying behavior patterns and challenging thoughts and perceptions.

I utilize a range of treatment models, which includes but is not limited to evidence based practices, such as CBT, TF-CBT, stress reduction, and mindfulness. I view treatment planning as a collaborative approach and work directly with clients to determine what type of treatment is best suited for their need. Additionally, finding a therapist that is the “right fit” is important for feeling comfortable and safe, as well as, reaching treatment goals.

I am trained to work with individuals and families who have experienced trauma and find that implementing Art Therapy can aid in processing and coping with traumatic memories. For more information on art therapy and trauma processing, please visit:

Calm Through Creativity: How Arts Can Aid Trauma Recovery.



License and Certifications:

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

Registered Art Therapist (ATR pending)

LH: 60523779

Child Mental Health Specialist (CMHS)

Additional Training:

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)